Hospitality Training & Skills Development

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There is long-term value in training and development in the hospitality industry. Celo are passionate about bridging the gap that currently exists between the minimum standard required to enter the industry and employees within this sphere. As such we put our substantial combined experience to work as specialists in the development and improvement of skills.

We’re a City & Guilds Approved Centre and accredited service provider offering internationally accredited training programmes developed for training on or off-site. We’re progressive in our approach. We believe that placing emphasis on practical skills and good old-fashioned values in conjunction with theoretical material offers a more comprehensive learning experience.

We not only offer these services in South Africa but we proudly serve the rest of Africa too.

We offer:

  • Services
  • Skills development programmes
  • Tailor-made courses
  • Short courses
  • Courses
  • F&B training
  • Culinary training
  • Customer service
  • Housekeeping
  • Hygiene
  • Specialised Courses
  • Food cost and stock control
  • Portion management
  • Customer service

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